Telephone No. 2 and No. 4

This is the standard Ericsson "skeletal" desk phone Model AC110 - 120. Although the State administrations imported other models from the range, this model was settled on as the standard desk set for the Australian Post Office. Its most notable features are the pushbutton to short out the bells while ringing out, on the AC110, and the absence of a lightning arrestor on the deck (it was built into the terminal block). It was not suitable for long lines.

In its standard form it was used as a magneto phone, but by fitting a condenser and strapping out the generator it could be used on CB exchanges as well.

Telephone No. 4 was essentially the same externally, but the circuitry was changed by adding a capacitor for urban party line use.










Left: Model AC110 with original handset, 5 terminals on the deck.

Right: Later British Model N2000 /AC120 with slim transmitter, 4 terminals.


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