Type 36

This was a magneto candlestick phone, introduced in the early 1900s. The 36MT had the Solid Back transmitter, the 136MT had the later bakelite Inset transmitter. The magneto and bellset were mounted in separate boxes. For CB use the magneto box was left out.

It was based on the Western Electric pattern that was adopted by the British Post Office, and was built by Ericsson, GEC, STC and others. The various builders used different base shapes and heights, but the APO called them all generically Type 36. A base plate with a hole for a dial was often used, with the hole blanked off.

Some may be found marked "No. 2". This is the British Post Office designation for this model. Some of these may have made their way to Australia.





Type 36 with bellbox and generator. This one uses an auto base with the dial hole blanked off. Source: PMG "Telephony 1" 1950















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