Consolidated Phones

Consolidated continued building the BTMC two and three box WE wall telephones for the National Telephone Company, but it started branching out with its own designs. Around 1900 Western Electric opened their own factory in Britain and manufactured standard pattern WE phones, so the Consolidated phones only occupy a brief moment in the European history. Little is known of their phones, but the ones shown here are from remaining catalogs and collectors' examples. They also made Ader receivers, which seemed to be more popular on the European Gower-Bell telephones than in Britain.









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L: National Telephone Company's Model B150. This phone was also used in early telephone exchanges in Australia.

R: Later version with Hunnings transmitter, their Telephone No. 11




Unusual desk phone with a Blake transmitter box mounted on a bell box. From Poole "Practical Telephone Handbook" 1895






Consolidated Gower with Ader and Bell receivers. The ten-pencil Gower transmitter was at the top of the bell box. Consolidated's No. 14.













National Telephone Company's Models B310 and B315, a small wall CB phone with or without bell. Courtesy of Bob Freshwater








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Wall intercom with rotary selector at the base

Small magneto wall phone with early Delville transmitter.









Gower phones.

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British Post Office Gower Bell model. First pattern, 1882

BPO Gower Bell, second pattern with Bell receivers.



Early Bell & Western Electric Phones

British Western Electric


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