Tony Falzon offers a range of transfers and other parts to finish off that special restoration.The water slide transfers are made by the screen printing process.

  • Full set of Skeletal transfers - good quality, $50.00 set.
  • Set of miniature transfers for single cells and miniature Ericsson phones, $20.00
  • British Ericsson circular, $5.00.
  • Swedish Ericsson circular red and blue ring (used for earlier models), $20.00
  • Deluxe Ericsson wall phone transfer, including bell motor transfers, $25.00 per set
  • Biscuit Barrel transfers, $80.00 per set of two
  • BWE Eiffel Tower transfers, $60.00 per set
  • Set of Commonwealth Ericsson wall phone transfers, $20.00 per set
  • Sheet with company names as they appear on telephones (Auto Electric, Peel Conner, Stromberg-Carlson, 2 Ericsson England, 2 Ericsson Sweden, Canadian Independent, Kellogg, Western Electric and Siemens Brothers and various PMG logos, $30.00 per set
  • Ericsson Metal table phone anniversary model (Jimís book, Pg. 98, Figs. 47 and 48), $50.00 per set
  • JYDSK transfers for metal table phones, $40.00 per set.

    These prices include postage within Australia and New Zealand, but postage to other areas will be extra.

    Also for sale: Twisted Cords

  • Ericsson 4 way twist braided cords in brown, black or green, $40.00
  • Ericsson 2 Way twist in brown, black or green. $20.00
  • Ericsson pin-pin 2 way twisted cords in brown, black or green, $40.00
  • Candlestick or British Ericsson 2 way twisted cords for bell receivers, in brown or black. $20.00
  • Candlestick 4 way twisted cord to bell box in brown or black, $40.00.

    All plus post. We will make special orders for other cords as well.

  • Keys & escutcheons for Ericsson phones, $15.00 plus post.
  • I also have a large number of Ericsson parts for sale, knurled nuts & bolts & washers as well. Please ask about other parts.

    Contact Tony Falzon at 7 Kilbreck St, Benowa Waters, Qld 4217, Australia, or email to