National Telephones

This is a sample of the phones used by National. For a fuller range, see Bob Freshwater's Telephone File at










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Western Electric 3-Box Blake, later also made by Consolidated.

CB wall phone No 4. This was made by Western Electric, probably at Antwerp, and also probably by Peel Conner using many Western Electric parts. It was later largely refurbished with Ericsson parts, so identification can be difficult.

National's handset version of Western Electric's "Turret" desk phone. Note the National logo. This phone would have been made at Antwerp.

Bell Telephone Manufacturing (Antwerp) "Golf Ball" candlestick phone, up to about 1904.











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Ericsson skeletal phone; an early National model still supplied with teardrops on the cradle.

Ericsson "Corporation" phone, so-called because it was a popular model with the new Corporation telephone companies;

Ericsson magneto wall phone with the National-preferred rounded top rather than the more ornate Swedish version.










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CB wall phone from Peel Conner;

Steel cased Sterling wall set with Ericsson handset;

Consolidated CB wall phone with Hunnings transmitter. This model was also made without a bell.







Consolidated convertable wall or desk intercom









Two small desk intercom/extension phones. The one on the right is a Sterling model.


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