Premium or Purchased Phones - The Decorator Range

For some time customers had been bringing in poor-quality antique-style phones from overseas. Most of these came from Singapore and had low-voltage ringers, which quickly failed. Telecom sourced a range of styles to meet this market, and did some redesigning of the electronics to make them more reliable and better insulated in lightning strikes. The result was a range of high quality well finished phones. They were generally fitted with cloth cords and gold plated metalwork. They were not particularly popular due to their high price (over $450 for the top models) but were steady if unspectacular sellers from their launch in October 1984. -I know of two still working today.

Fig 1: REGALE style in green onyx marble or Fig 2: elaborately painted high gloss timber. The style was apparently based on early Ericsson models.

Fig. 3: MINETTE style in green onyx marble, Fig 4: floral painted porcelain or Fig 5: sewn leather.

Fig 6: DIPLOMAT in polished wood, probably based on Sterling or TMC intercoms of the 1910s.

Fig 7: HERITAGE in “craquelle” floral painted finish. Based on who knows what?


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