Alfred Graham & Company Telephones

This listing is seriously incomplete ,and any further information would be appreciated.

The Graham Pattern numbers are based on a listing published from British Navy manuals on the Dreadnought Project website at














Left: Pattern 2461 Navyphone.

Right: Pattern 2462 for cabins














Above: Pattern 2461 in deck stand












Above: Sterling Model K680, 1904. Possibly Graham Pattern 1855 Upper Deck Navyphone.














Above: 1912 Pattern Navyphones.

Left Pattern 2461A, Sterling Model No. U574, GEC No 8082

Right: Pattern 2461 General Use Loudspeaking telephone, GEC No 8083. Grahams boasted that speech from this telephone could be heard up to twenty feet away.











Left: Sterling U573, GEC No 8084, a 1904 watertight model.

Right: 1904 non-watertight model without bell. GEC No 8086

These models were intended for use on the bridge of a ship and had steel and gunmetal cases so the internal transmitter magnets would have no effect on the ship's compass. They were also intended to be shrapnel proof.












Above: Unknown branded candlestick phone and its baseplate. Does anyone have any information on this phone?

Photos courtesy Jeff Thornton


There was also a range of Fire Control phones which, apart from Pattern numbers, appear to be completely unknown.




Left: 1940s model in bakelite








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