JYDSK Desk Phone

These attractive "tin box" styled phones are an approximate copy of an Ericsson model, the AC400. They were produced by Emil Mollers of Horsens in Denmark and were used by the Jutland Telephone Company, among others. When the Jutland system was updated many of these phones were refurbished and sold on the U.S. market. They are available quite inexpensively on eBay, although many have been refitted with non-original U.S. dials. Because of their refurbishment it is possible to get a quite good example like this one for around $50 to $60 U.S.

They represent a common example of a style that was used worldwide. I display mine in a group with similar phones from Krueger (German), Western Electric (British), and Ericsson (Sweden). Although the basic style is similar, the individual phones reflect the different approaches taken by each manufacturer. The decoration on this style of phone is often quite attractive, making them a colorful addition to a collection.


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