Kellogg Wall Phone

This phone came to me from one of the Telecom engineers who was evaluating overseas phones for the design of Telecom Australia's new 891 Wallfone. It is a typical U.S. phone of its time - solid, heavy, and squared-off. Other U.S. manufacturers such as Stromberg Carlson and Western Electric built the same style. The pink color is, again, typical of the times. This one doesn't have any date on it, but I would guess that it comes from the late 1960s. This is when Telecom Australia first started work on the Wallfone.

The new Telecom 891 Wallfone series finished up with a similar but more streamlined layout, but with most other parts changed or upgraded to take advantage of the changes in technology since the 1950s, when this phone was designed. They also went for a range of colors in which pink was definitely not included.

The Kellogg phone does have one feature which Telecom engineers should have copied but didn't - that extremely long, impossible-to-tangle handset cord.

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