STE Telephones

STE did not produce a large range of "French Ericsson" telephones. Initially their standard models were sold into the French market by their local agents. When the Colombes factory was set up they produced a few local models, but eventually they produced standard PTT designs.








Typical Ericsson phones sold into France by Ericsson agents

Left: Ericsson "skeletal" Model AC110,

Right: HA150 intercom










Above: early model from the 1910s.









Above: Desk set from the late 1920s












Above left: Ericsson DE series dial phone with monophone handset.

Right: Wooden wall set that coexisted with it through the 1920s.









Above: Left: Early 1920s model with simple handset,

Right: Later model with better-finished handset (about 1928)










Above: Left: CG400 type phone used from the mid 1920s.Note that the stamped-tube handset is still in use.

Right: The Marty range was a standard PTT design produce by many manufacturers. It could be readily updated to a bakelite handset as shown, or converted to auto by adding a dial at the front, although this 1940s example has not yet been converted. Note the French-designed handset.











Above: the model U43, designed to be a universal telephone for auto or CB use. Note the typical large French dial. That extra earpiece is still popular.










Above: The Ericofon was also sold into France.Although sold through STE, it was almost completely assembled in Sweden.


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