Typical Sterling Phones

This page shows only a small number of Sterling phone. For a fuller range, see Bob Freshwater's Telephone File website at http://www.britishtelephones.com/sterling/ster1.htm











L to R: U262 ;U2115; U410 and U412 (the choice of fixed ransmitter or handset was common through much of the Sterling range); U61 Parleyphone intercom.









L to R: U385 "Corporation" phone, U716 incorporating handset and candlestick pedestal style; U310 desk intercom phone











L to R: U125, a common style of small wall phone; U505 wall phone; U574 ship's phone












Early and later versions of the Phonopore












Evolution of a desk phone: L to R: U510 with original Ericsson cradle; U305 with Sterling cradle, Intermediate model with later cradle but still with wooden case,

Lower Row: U306 with simple cradle and later pillar on steel case; GEC K7851 equivalent with bakelite handset on wooden base. Note the "Reply and Call" button on the front of the top panel.

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