The early catalogs of phone companies are a valuable reference source for a researcher. I am always on the lookout for copies of these, or even fragments if possible. I will happily pay for any photocopying or burning to CD.

Bell / Western Electric

Any catalog details of their early European phones would be appreciated , as this information seems to be sparse and widely scattered. I am working on a very long-term project to put together the history and a catalog of this company's early phones. The work in progress is shown elsewhere on this site.


I have almost completed a catalog of Ericsson's early phones, but I need more information on the varieties produced in countries other than Sweden and Britain.. These include SIT in France and Deckert & Homolka in Vienna, and the U.S. , Spanish and South American phones. Copies of any catalogs would be appreciated.

Peel Conner

What was this company's relationship with Bell, and what was its history? Did they build their own phones or were they a front for Bell to build their phones in Britain? Are any of their catalogs still in existence?


Another British company with worldwide sales. I have copies of a number of their catalogs, but I particularly need some of the earlier ones, and any information on the history of the company.