Telephone No. 12


From British Insulated & Helsby, this candlestick is based on a Western Electric model. It has a branded BI&H solid back transmitter. It is BI&H' s Model TS460 or TS462 and comes with its own branded bellbox. It is unusual in that there are five wires between the bellbox and phone instead of the usual three.

Photo courtesy of Ric Havyatt







A circuit diagram in the Australian Post Office 1914 Telephone Diagrams manual shows a model with a second receiver. The Western Electric phones did not have this facility, so it could be the circuit for BI&H's later Model T481, based on an Ericsson candlestick. The catalog illustration shows an Ericsson transmitter but this would have been replaced by the Solid Back transmitter as the Ericsson units failed. The Ericsson phone may have been a temporary purchase at a time of shortage around 1914.






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