B.I. & H. Telephones

This page shows a small range of the BI&H phones. For more information, see Bob Freshwater;s Telephone File












L: Model TS460 / TS462 Candlestick from about 1904 to about 1912. The transmitter is branded. Photo courtesy Ric Havyatt;

R: Western Electric-style wall phone Model T210, 1907-1912. Apart from the BI&H transfer on the case, the WE 5-bar generator is fitted with branded BIHCo. sideplates. .Photo courtesy Brian O'Donnell














L to R:

Fig 5, 3-box wallphone from about 1892 to late 1890s.

Fig 6 Model T202 "Long Distance" twin box wall phone with bigger battery case for extra batteries from about 1889;

Fig 7 Model T489 CB wall phone from 1895 onwards made to the Western Electric / British Post Office standard pattern. T439 was the same phone fitted with a magneto generator. This phone appears to have a branded transmitter. Photo courtesy Ric Havyatt









L to R:

1903 to 1912 models: Fig 1, CB desk phone with adjustable handset;

Fig 2, wall phone with rotating transmitter;

Fig 3, wooden wall phone with rotating transmitter.











Fig 4a and 4b: Model T481 Candlestick phone based on Ericsson model, from about 1912.














L to R:

Fig 8: Model T707 Pantophone, a phonopore-style telephone;

Fig 9, Model T311 wall intercom,

Model T325 Desk Intercom.

These phones all date from about 1903.


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