Miniature Wall Phones

The miniature phones are uncommon. This range mostly did away with the battery box altogether, although some models were offered with an optional battery box which changed the appearance of the phones completely (see Single Cell Phones). The batteries were usually housed in a separate box away from the phone. Like the large wall phones, only the case styles varied. All other parts were selected from Ericsson’s standard range and matched up to produce a range to suit their customers. The cases themselves are scaled-down versions of Ericsson’s standard full-sized case range. Typically, they are around 170mm to 230mm wide against the full size models' 260mm. They were made in walnut or oak.

The 2- or 3-magnet generators made them unsuitable for long-line use. They were not widely used and may not have been in regular production. An Australian catalogue circa 1900 offers only one model with the standard handset. The popularity of the handset against the separate transmitter and receiver may also have been an influence. They were also built with a signal indicator and switch for main phone / extension phone use. Some models were also redesigned to act as internal extension phones. As the difference was purely internal, these have not been listed. The phones are not known in New Zealand except as collectors’ imports.


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