Ericsson Miniature Wall Phones

Fig 1: Model CD110 . An attractive CB wall phone in walnut, with the rare 3-arm transmitter. At 520mm high it is only a little taller than most miniatures. This style only appears in CB models. Approximately 1896 - 1902.

Fig 2: Model CD170 . This is the alternate cradle handset model. Model CK660 is the equivalent magneto extension model. Approximately 1896- 1902.

Fig 3: Model CK550 . An intermediate phone with facilities for an extension phone. The extra bellset at the base is to signal calls from the extension. The odd rotary indicator at the top is to signal an incoming exchange call when the phone is switched to the extension .

Fig 4 and 5: Model AB100-105. With a 2-magnet generator, a fixed transmitter, spoon receiver and spearpoint top. 1892-1911. The earlier Model No. 305 with OST receiver is shown on right. Varieties: No. 306 / AB105 with a 3 magnet generator, No. 310 and 311 with a battery box mounted below. A similar model was custom-built for some of Holland’s telephone companies 1902-1905. These have the rare adjustable pulpit transmitter. 415 - 445mm high, depending on crown.

Fig 1: Model AB120-122. Oak or walnut case, simpler top, 2-magnet generator. Height 415mm. C.1892-1920. Old No. 316. (495mm high because of the early high crown).

Variations: AB122, 3-magnet generator, old No. 317. With battery box below, No. 318 or 319. With extra terminals at the base for an extra receiver, No. 340. 415 - 495 mm high, depending on crown. It may be found with Sterling markings.

Fig 2: Model AB135. Cradle configuration, 3 magnet generator. This illustration is included to show the round top and cradle handset setup. Approx 1903 - 1911. 490 mm high.

Fig 3: Model AB130. The extra terminals are for an extra earpiece. 3-magnet generator. Old No. 340. Otherwise it is similar to AB120 above but is 495mm tall against AB120’s 415mm.

Fig 4: A typical Sterling Interphone. The woodwork is based an a Model AB135. Sterling is one of many manufacturers who bought in Ericsson phones and parts for their own models.

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