"Single Cell" or "Three Quarter" Wall Phones

These models were more compact than the standard wall phone, typically 170mm to 215mm wide. They had a smaller generator with two or three magnets. They were suitable for intercoms and point-to-point lines rather than general telephone service. Most of the fittings were the same as those on the full size cases. The only exception seems to be the lack of a cradle handset model in the range.

Although often classified by collectors as Single Cell, they are listed in Ericsson catalogues as "constructed to hold two cells RK240". The Ericsson cell was somewhat smaller but taller than the more widely available LeClanche cells. Examination of the Ericsson catalogues shows that many single-cell phones are actually the miniature models with an optional battery box added underneath.

Because they are uncommon, and tend to be more ornately finished, the single cell phones are prized by collectors. The earliest ones, particularly, were highly decorated. Some were produced with a switch above the writing slope to allow them to be used as intermediate phones in intercom systems. These are designated as ADxxx models.

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