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This page shows a small range of GEC's telephones. For a more comprehensive catalog go to Bob Freshwater's Telephone File website. For phones of the Peel-Conner Telephone Works, go here.

Initially, their transmitters were the Hunnings (called the "Byng" in the 1904 catalog), a Hunningscone-Deckert, and the Ericsson. By the 1912 catalog the Hunnings had finished production, but they had now added the Western Electric capsule transmitter and the new Solid Back transmitter. The capsule transmitter was gradually replacing the Ericsson on handsets.







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K7796 intercom, a rebadged Sterling model;

K7842 "Byng" wall phone;

K7847 which is also known with an Ericsson handset as the "Handcom" K47.







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K49 with inset transmitter on PC mount.

K68 "Long Distance" telephone, Hunnings transmitter and bell receiver.

K84 "Handcom" magneto telephone


Between 1910 and 1921 their telephones were made by the Peel-Conner Telephone Works. After this period, telephone manufacture was moved to the new Coventry factory and the GEC brand reintroduced.








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K7851, a rebadged Sterling (for a range of similar phones , click here;

K7855 , their first bakelite telephone. Made to a BPO pattern.

K8035 top box for magneto wall phones







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K8056, a particularly ugly steel mining phone;

K8387 Gecophone, a redesigned and restyled version of the K7855.

Muraphone, a rugged bakelite wallphone also available in Ivory.








Early Dial Phones

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K8384, GEC's version of the BPO standard auto wall phone

K8385 a Western Electric-pattern candlestick phone , again for the BPO

K8387 Auto version of the Gecophone. Not adopted by the BPO but widely used on PABXs. The Australian Post Office allowed them into official use as an emergency measure during WW2.











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1000 Series; the basis for Ausatralia's 400 series.

New Muraphone.






The Chad Valley phone, made for a large toy retailer.



700 Series made for the British Post Office










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