My Collection

My collection doesn't have any particular theme, but consists of phones that interest me, phones that have historical importance, and phones that I am researching. There are also a few that have been given to me over the years. British phones feature in fairly large numbers, mostly because Australia's phones came from Britain for many decades.

There are quite a few Ericsson phones because of my current research on this company's phones, and because they were widely used in Australia by the Postmaster General's Department. Some of the phones demonstrate the progression of development as phones became smaller, automatic, and built of plastic.

Sometimes in the advance of technology we tend to forget where we came from, to get to where we are now. This is the point I try to make when these phones go out for a public display. When Australia's telephone company, Telstra, was part privatized a few years ago, management eagerly scrapped as much of the "old stuff" as they could. History was of no importance; profit for the shareholders was. If Telstra now wants to mount a historical display, they must borrow phones back from collectors like me. It is probably the same worldwide.

APO 137 Wall Phone

Commonwealth Ericsson

British Ericsson

Ericsson AC400

Steel Ericsson

PMG Type 38 Candlestick

Kellogg Candlestick

Stromberg Carlson Candlestick

S.I.T. Candlestick


JYDSK Desk Phone

Kellogg Wall Phone

TMC Desk Intercom

Sterling Intercoms

Samson Intercom


APO Type 800 Desk Phones

APO 891 WallFone

Dictograph Intercom

Automatic Electric Wall Phone

Unknown Desk Phone

Federal GrabAPhone

GEC Desk Phone

Ericsson Skeletal

British Western Electric "Eiffel Tower"